Combo Pool

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Wiki & Controls

Combo Pool is a unique online pool game. Gameplay involves a mix of pool and matching ball games. You get to aim and shoot balls jsut like in a pool game but there are no holes. Instead balls of same color merge together and form a new ball with a new color when they collide.

You can choose to either play in the Easy, Normal, Hard or Endless Mode. In the first three modes, the game ends when you are able to collide two pink balls together. In the Endless mode, the name is self explanatory.So endless hours of pool fun.


Keyboard- Arrow keys to aim and ‘Z’ key to shoot

Mouse – Move to aim and click to shoot.

Platform Available

This online pool game requires a mouse or keyboard to play hence can only be played from a PC or Laptop. However you can also download an android version of the game from the developer’s home page.


This amazing game was created by indie developer NuSan.