Kiba & Kumba : Jungle Chaos

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Kiba and Kumba Jungle Chaos Online Game Fullscreen

Wiki & Controls

Kiba and Kumba Jungle Chaos is a fun platform game that you can play online from any device- computer, phone or pc.


If you like games like super Mario then this is right up your street. One of the most fun platform games you can play online where you go through various adventures in different stages and landscapes. Collect the coins and treasures along the way and keep going till you reach the end in order to advance to the next level.


Mobile and Tablet – On Screen controls are present

PC – Use arrow keys to move and jump. Double tap on the up arrow to jump higher.


PC, Laptop, Mobile smartphone – android, iOS or any other platform, Tablet, iPad- basically any device which has an online browser.


This game has been published and distributed online by Famobi