Call Me Young Kaleido

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Call Me Young Kaleido Online Game

CMYK is a unique platform indie game that was released in 2016. It is like a combination of a puzzle and platform game.


Like any platform game you have to jump and walk through the platforms and reach the exit to advance to the next level. What makes this unique is that you can change the platforms that you are on. You can make the appear or disappear and you have to think in advance and make it work so that you dont get stuck in an area.


Arrow keys to walk and jump.

1, 2, and 4 – to change the platforms.


The game is skillfully designed in a cute minimal way and its beautiful to watch. Another plus point is that the landscape has that retro neon look. Definitely one of the most clean and smooth games we’ve seen so far.


This is an HTML5 game but can only be played from your computer as it requires a keyboard to play.


This beautiful game was designed and created by indie developer Theihe. Besides twitter you can also contact him on Discord.