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Wiki & Controls

 dynast.io game online


Dynast.io is one of the best io games out there as of now. Its gameplay is similar to popular ones like Clash of Clans and Moomoo.io where you collect materials and build your community.

Like other similar games, other players will attack you in hopes to steal the materials you’ve collected and build. But this game has an added spice where there are also wild animals that will attack you.

So collect and build a good dynasty and become the strongest and most powerful one in the game to reach the number 1 spot. All the best.


This is a PC game and you can control the player using your mouse and keyboard

  • Move –  Arrow keys or WASD
  • Gather / Attack – Mouse Left click
  • Build – B
  • Craft – C
  • Open team – M
  • Access inventory – I


This game uses WebGL and can only be played on PC as it requires a keyboard and mouse to operate.

dynast.io game

Publishing Date and Developer

This was was first released on August 2018 and is created using WebGL for beautiful gameplay graphics. Developer is unknown.

Play Fullscreen and Unblocked

You can make the game fullscreen by pressing the icon at the bottom of the game canvas. Enjoy.